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During July, several families took advantage of the school holidays and went Tek together, some on rebreathers and some on open circuit. Amoung them was Jeane-Prune, who started her rebreather course on her 17th birthday and now holds the record as the youngest CCR Inspiration Vision diver ever certified by PURE.

Onboard the dedicated technical diving boat she immediately fit in with the group of more experienced Tekkies. With a CCR Inspiration on her back, bailout stage at her side and helmet on her head she became hooked. The decision to join her brother Felix on the CCR Intro to Cave Course was an easy one to make after a magical dive in one of Ras Mohammed’s stunning caverns. Both are now rebreather  cave diving addicts with a mastery of rebreather buoyancy to make even the most experienced diver envious. As if this was not enough excitement, some DPV dives (and some monkey diving), close encounters with mantas and several species of sharks made the experience complete.
On the open circuit side there were other families joining in, Bertrand already a technical diving instructor chose this month to extend his technical credentials by taking a few more instructor qualifications. His daughter Clémence, only 18 years old and already a certified PADI Instructor decided to discover the deep with an entry level trimix course. The rest of the family, although not instructors, are experienced divers and are waiting impatiently to turn 15 and enrol on their first technical course.
Last but not least we have Richard, at 18 years old, has just become PURE’s first certified TDI Helitrox Diver accompanied by his father Kevin!
According to Florence, the mother of Prune and Felix, the rest of the family had no alternative than to join the fun.
Feel the Force and come to the Darkside, but bring your family! Remember the family that (Tek) dives together…stays together.

Go to www.purediving.com for your first Tec-course.

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