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While everyone else is out chasing mantas, I’m ‘stuck’ in the bay. There are worse ways to spend your day for sure!  I have guests who are on their last day and want a lie in, and a late start. No lie in for me, I’m making sure the boats have left, and then I get to have a coffee on the beach while I wait. Before I know it, they catch me on the beach, and even quicker, we are kitted up and diving! The water is a little chilly, so I take my hood to ensure that I can layer up later if needed. We are underwater before I know it, lie in they may have wanted, but blimey, once they get going….

The bay is truly beautiful today, and the vis is amazing, but even I can see the wobbly water ahead, which mean it either a thermocline that is 5 degrees hotter or cooler, but sods law says its cooler. We are treated to a great display from the baby eagle rays who stay just out of reach, but for sure in vision. They feed on the bottom, and then swim around in a beautiful formation for the rest of the time.As air runs low, I realise that the chill factor is getting to me. As I feel around for the hood, I realise that instead of being around my neck, it’s in my pocket. So to don the hood will require taking the mask off (not a huge problem), and then taking my reg out (again not a problem, but probably quite scary for a guest to watch!) and I have to assess the situation. I have about 20m to swim until I get back into the lovely warm ‘wobbly’ water, and decide that I’ll live with it until then. Rather that than have to carry out this difficult manoeuvre

Rather than look stupid, I’ll live with the cold. The potential for it to go wrong is too greater risk. Instructors have a reputation to keep up!

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