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PADI’s entry into the technical diving arena is set to develop even further this year as they launch the long awaited closed circuit rebreather course. Improvements in rebreather technology and the availability of high quality training have made this  option available to fans of the PADI system of diver training.

The first PADI rebreather training course which will be available will be the recreational rebreather course on the Poseidon Discovery Mk6 rebreather unit. This incredibly light rebreather (even lighter than a standard diver kit with a 12 liter aluminium cylinder!) allows the use of your personal BCD which can be adapted to the unit, which makes the unit feel very familiar to the user.

The fear of ending the dive early because of your air consumption is one which can cease to exist. For the underwater photographers out there fish will no longer scatter on hearing you exhale, the lack of bubbles will see them approaching YOU as they mistakenly view you as a unique species of fish!

With the ease of use of this unit, anyone with Open Water Diver and Nitrox certification can take the course! No longer do you need to be a hardcore technical diver or an instructor looking for the next challenge to dive a rebreather.

If you would like a head start in the rebreather revolution take a rebreather try dive or get fully certified with a course on one of our brand new Poseidon Units this summer. The only problem we can see is that after trying it, you may never want to go back to normal diving again!

With PADI launching its first closed circuit rebreather courses ever later this year, 2011 really seems to be the year of the rebreather revolution. This mainly thanks to great improvements in rebreather technology, and to availability of quality rebreather diver training.

More info about Tec courses you can do with us: www.redseacollege.com

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