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Last week saw the birth of the PURE Cave Diving Team. Virginie Abrial, Sherif Guirguis and Andrey Sokolov seized the opportunity to join one of our specialist courses and have now been certified as fully fledged cave divers.

During the course our instructors were put through their paces, as they completed the drills and skills required for this challenging course. Tasks ranged from land based, open water based and of course inside caves. It seemed like our guys could not get enough as they ploughed their way through blind exit, lost line, lost diver and out of air exit scenarios.

Upon completion of the course, no time was wasted as the divers immediately took the chance to use their newly acquired knowledge and explore some of the deeper cave systems in the Sharm area. We think that future days off will not be spent lounging in front of the TV but will be out, pushing the exploration further and setting up permanent lines for other explorers.

PURE at Red Sea Diving College is now proud to be the only facility in Egypt which can offer cave diving on either re-breather or on open circuit throughout the year

Congratulations to Virginie, Sherif, Andrey, and of course Juan for their newly acquired certification.

Bookings are already being made and in December Tom Jaspers from TDI Benelux, CCR Full Cave and Sidemount Cave Instructor Trainer, will be visiting us specially to further their training.

Cavern and Introduction to Cave Diver (OC/CCR) courses are available year round but the next Full Cave (OC/CCR) or Sidemount Cave Diver courses in 2010 will be on the following dates;

• From the 29th of November till the 4th of December : Full Cave Diver (OC/CCR) or Sidemount Cave Diver with Tom Jaspers
• From the 6th till the 11th of December : Full Cave Diver (OC/CCR) or Sidemount Cave Diver with Tom Jaspers
• From the 29th of November till the 11th of December : Cavern Diver + Intro To Cave Diver + Full Cave Diver (OC/CCR) or Sidemount Diver

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