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It’s that time of year again…. Christmas. And with that comes our normal two distinct types of guests. Those coming to celebrate and those running away and trying to dodge Christmas all together. This leaves us with a dilemma, as most of us love Christmas and like the traditions that we can manage to re-create here on Christmas Day and beyond. It’s only been in the last few years that Christmas Trees and decorations have been available to buy (that first year was incredibly exciting and caused a rush akin to the Boxing Day sales!). Yet again, however, I am denied a tree due to the presence of a rather playful cat in my house. Anyway, back to the diving….

So, we run generally as normal over this time, boats go out, dives still happen and the sun still shines.  On the boat, the two ‘groups’ gravitate together, and I have the ‘happy to celebrate’ guys. Christmas songs get blasted out of speakers and the practical issues of wearing a hat underwater are discussed (always guaranteed to make random people from other dive groups approach you and take pictures during the dive). The other group must be pulling their hair out, as my group have ensured everyone on this boat knows it’s Christmas!

Underwater the frivolity continues and from somewhere one guests pulls out a full santa outfit. Why oh why didn’t he put that on before we started the dive? The trousers are no problem, and I give him a few minutes to try the jacket a few different ways, a fruitless effort by the way. He eventually gives up, to and underwater round of applause from the rest of the group, and we go for our dive.  The fish don’t realise what day it is, no hats or presents, but still give us a lovely dive, with their normal underwater rituals and displays. I make an effort to find a Christmas Tree Worm, that’s my gift for the guest, which they appreciate. Not sure the Worm did, as it retracted into its hole after photo number 9!!

It’s an early finish today, which gives beach time to those who want it and a chance to celebrate the rest of the day for the others. I’m personally headed for a home cooked dinner, with only some of the trimmings, and head off with a soggy hat still on my head.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas period, wherever you are, diving or not, but I know where I’d rather be…..

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