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Tribute to the Thistlegorm on its  65th Anniversary

This month sees the 65th Anniversary of the sinking of the most famous wreck in the Red Sea – the SS Thistlegorm. After its establishment as a premier dive site for all visitors to Egypt, thousands of divers have had the privilege to dive on the remains of this beautiful ship. However these divers have left behind more than bubbles and the staff at Red Sea Diving College decided this would be the ideal time to give something back to her for all the pleasure divers have received over the years. The price she has paid for being so popular can clearly be seen by visitors, so a team was sent to give her a mini face lift!

The (mostly) willing Red Sea Diving College staff hauled themselves out of bed for the early start and arrived fresh and ready to go (!). As luck would have it, it was one of the roughest days in ages. With only two dives to complete the mission, the clock was ticking. The first dive was dedicated to removing all the snapped and cut ropes that are scattered among the wreckage, a reminder of the difficult conditions in which the guides in the Red Sea can find themselves when trying to secure a boat to her remains. Staff were shocked by over 14 bags of abandoned rope being salvaged. Ironically, the staff never imagined that part of the haul would include the remains of their own lines, snapped whilst trying to secure the boat!

For the second dive, the team split up into pairs and, armed again with collection bags, was given the task of removing all “human debris”. Anything not belonging to the ship or the sea was to be taken topside. Again, everyone was surprised at the large and varied haul… discarded drinks bottles and cans were expected, but the team are pretty sure the ladies brassiere was not part of the original manifest!

With a boat full of Thistlegorm rubbish the boat and staff headed back to shore. In a surprise twist, the team found out that they were able to send all the rope to be recycled, which made a pleasant end to the day. The Red Sea Diving College is proud to be involved in a project that will ensure that the Thistlegorm carries on delighting divers for years to come.

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