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 Repeat clients Benjamin Linton-Willoughby and girlfriend Jane Canavan arrived in Taba Heights mid January to enjoy a few more days diving with Red Sea Waterworld. As keen BSAC Sport Divers, they travelled with full sets of diving equipment, enough clothes to get through the week and a very small item only Benjamin knew about. Like their previous visits they were here to dive during the day and enjoy the hotel and resort in the evenings. As they arrived at the dive centre on the first day of their 3 day package, they were greeted by familiar friendly faces. The weather was great, the sea was calm and visibility was 20 metres plus – everyone was enjoying their dives. What they didn’t realize at the time was that they were all about to see something for the first time underwater, something to put in the log books and remember during future diving adventures.

On their last dive of the holiday, Benjamin asked the guide to start the dive slowly as there was something he planned with his buddy Jane. All divers were told to wait patiently underwater, before going off to explore the dive site. Once underwater, everyone watched as Benjamin appeared to make an unusual hand signal to Jane. There was a little confusion as no one recognized the signal. It became obvious what was happening when Benjamin produced a small box from his BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) pocket. Everyone, no one more so than Jane, were surprised to see a diamond engagement ring glistening within. After a slight pause, probably for dramatic effect or shock, Jane extended her hand and Benjamin placed the ring on her finger. They hugged, kissed and then in true diving fashion gave a big OK to everyone else and carried on with the dive (hand in hand… aaaaahhhhhh!)

Upon surfacing everyone was eager to congratulate the happy couple. The boat crew provided the usual hospitality and the group danced and sang all the way back to the marina. Perhaps on their next visit, they will decide to get married underwater in Taba Heights.

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