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So with most people now dried off after last week’s rainy weather, it’s back to normality…well as normal as it gets in the this job! Today is going to be filled with introductory dives as we have a big group of people who are at a conference and the company has organised this activity as a ‘treat’. Now, most instructors will currently have their head in their hands or have already run away at this point. It’s not the diving that’s a problem, it’s a two pronged fork this one….logistics and willingness (or not) of participants!

Any instructor will tell you that trying to get a large number of even qualified divers off the boat and into the water can sometimes require the patience of a saint. Ask people who have never even worn scuba kit to do the same and you can see the potential problems. It’s an labour intensive activity; a few instructors in the water, one or two on the boat getting people into and out of equipment and one to oversee everything else, be it briefings, answering questions or even helping to dish out the lunch!

The calm before the storm!

The boat appears justifiably chaotic, but it’s all going to plan. Now we hit the second ‘issue’. The mere mention of the sea has one or two of our guests planning how to make their escape. Although it seems like a lovely idea, there are people out there who just don’t ‘do’ the sea. Their idea of a fun day is being by the bar/on the beach/having a massage. Anything but this. Once we have made it clear that the diving part is not mandatory and that we won’t tell the bosses who didn’t partake, we have a clear divide on the boat. For a few, books are found, towels are laid out and on goes the sun cream.  But for the rest, the briefing done and off we go.  One in, one out, one in, one out, and so it goes, until the last diver has been dunked.

It’s a satisfying day, as you watch people take their first plunge underwater and are like excited children. As I sit with the instructors afterwards, that almost makes up for the sore arms, sore legs, bruises from being repeatedly kicked.

And let’s not mention the ones who forget how to use their legs once underwater…..

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