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With the dive show coming up it’s easy to get excited about the prospect of all that shiny new gear.  It can be the new neoprene that makes you hand over your credit card with gay abandon or maybe it’s the gadgets calling to you like sea sirens.

Before the siren of your bank account goes off, think first and decide if you want to buy that piece of equipment and jump into the Red Sea with it.  Gadgets are great but there is really no need for gloves, knifes, bolt cutters, maxi volt twin beam halogen lights, glow sticks etc. etc.

Travelling light is the key for diving in the Red Sea.  For the winter months the sea temperature can drop to 21/22 so a neoprene hood is a good idea.  Look for versatility in a wet-suit as you may need different levels of thickness.   A hood and vest combo with a 5mm suit is a good combination.

If you are a warm weather diver and want to buy a set of regs – look for ease of maintenance as sometimes parts can‘t be found in the Red Sea.  If you need an emergency service or repair you want to use the manufactures parts.

Also listen to our expert Red Sea College Instructors – they are diving daily in their kit so it gets a real workout.  If it works for them it will work for you.   Check out their fins as they often remain the same year after year without any fancy new designs – just simply because they work in our strong currents.

Many a seasoned diver will tell you of their early days of manic dive show buying – ‘it really really was the best bargain and just had to be bought’ only to find that maybe it wasn’t what they needed here in the Red Sea.  We are not suggesting at all that our exhibitor friends are gleaning cash off you.  After all they are usually four thick deep of people who willingly are buying – just think first. Is it suitable for the kind of diving you will be doing?

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