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The mother of one of our instructors was having a loft clear out and found a rather interesting piece of school work. A spooky co-incidence or a glimmer of psychic ability…you decide?

It seems that Dickon Smith, planned his life beneath the sea from an early age. Even at the age of 5 he was demonstrating a sense of style with his the matching suit and fins and showing an understanding of surface intervals which would impress even the most stringent of training agencies. I am not entirely sure what Project Aware would make of the number of creatures he “kild”, although he has assured us that the “machine” no longer functions!

Not many of us end up working in exactly what we planned to (Imagine my devastation when I found out Charlie’s Angels were no longer recruiting) So Dickon…with your amazing insight into the future…any chance of giving us 6 numbers between 1 and 50?

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