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Dive the S.S Thistlegorm on the anniversary of Cousteau’s birthday and help clean the Red Sea on World Ocean Day. Every SCUBA diver in the world knows the legend; Jacques Cousteau.  After all if it was not for him and his co-inventor Émile Gagnan we would not have had the pleasure of ‘breathing underwater’ with a 12litre tank strapped to our backs.  Red Sea SCUBA divers are possibly a little more in awe of this pioneering man as not only did he give us the Aqua-lung, he also rediscovered one of the greatest wrecks in the world the S.S Thistlegorm .  In honour of this remarkable man and to mark the anniversary of his birthday on 11th June 1910, the Red Sea Diving College will put on a special trip to S.S Thistlegorm trip with a special price of €50.00 supplement instead of €79.00.

As Jacques Cousteau was also known as a conservationist and researcher of the underwater world we are also going to celebrate on the 8th June World Oceans Day with a special Red Sea clean up.  Every diver will be offered a 3rd dive for free to help clean up our ocean.  Please help us make Sharm el Sheikh’s beautiful dive sites rubbish free and remember for every dive ‘leave only bubbles behind’.

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