Back in The Old Days of Diving

Looking on the positive side, it is easy to turn this negative into your SCUBA diving positive. Diving Instructors around the bay are now reporting amazing sightings in the Red Sea. The house reef is teeming with species and the recent full moon was the start of the coral and marine life spawning.
This phenomena results in massive shoals of fish gathering on the southernmost tip of Ras Mohamed National Park; Shark and Yolanda reef. Jumping in on the Shark Reef wall is mind blowing, as you descend through hundreds of snapper, barracuda and bat fish. These shoals of fish also attract the larger pelagic fish species and it is not uncommon when the reefs are quiet to have sightings of Silky Sharks and Black tip Oceanic Sharks.

Meanwhile on the back of Jackson Reef the Hammerhead sharks are beginning to school – an amazing experience to see, and we must not forget the peaceful, uncrowded local reefs with numerous Whale Shark and Manta Ray sightings.
Come SCUBA diving with us and you will notice that instead of ten boats on one reef during your previous Red Sea holiday, you are now one of two or the maximum three. You will notice that your diving group is smaller, you will rarely bump into another group whilst diving and you will naturally see more marine life rather than the fins of the person in front of you. So turn our negative into your positive and experience Sharm el Sheikh’s pristine coral rich waters the way they did back in the early 1990’s.

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