Hints and Tips for Reef preservation

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Imagine the scene; you and your group are floating along the saddle between Shark and Yolanda Reef, all of a sudden all hell breaks loose as Kamikaze Dive Club (KDC) enters the water. Divers descend, sand swirls, corals are crushed and fish flee!
Resisting the temptation to turn off their air, you swim for a clearing and spend the rest of your day cursing the staff and divers of KDC.

In Sharm there are strict guidelines regarding the conduct of dive operators and their staff, and fines or penalties may be enforced on those who fail to adhere to these. In the current digital age there is normally somebody in the group with a camera, a simple snap of the offence which will identify the company provides excellent evidence. Once they have a photograph the authorities are able to take concrete action.

Reefs are globally in decline and to date it is estimated 27% have already been lost with a further 32% expected over the next 30 years. They represent on of the most vital parts of the underwater eco-system and yet are one of the most threatened.
Take the PADI Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation Course (open to all ages and non-divers) and discover how amazing coral truly is.

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