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There will be a percentage of you, who will immediately disregard this article, mainly because you have already experienced it, don’t need convincing or you have experienced it and now know you need the shore for your type of SCUBA. For those who haven’t here are some top tips on liveaboards.

You may have been tempted before to book a liveaboard, but have held back due to horror stories from dive club buddies, so to dispel the myths and mistakes on booking a liveaboard here are a few pointers to quite possibly give you one of the best ever dive holidays.  The term ‘liveaboard’ quite literally means a boat which you can live on board, however any vessel can potentially be lived on and if you have watched the ‘Life of Pi’ you will know it’s possible on mere metres of anything which floats.

Boats come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to know what exactly you’re booking. This article is about Red Sea Liveaboards which over the past decade have moved up into the luxury liveaboard league.  These boats are no longer for the dive and sea tough clan; they are far more refined and offer a five star living experience.

One of the premiere vessels in the Red Sea is the Red Sea College liveaboard VIPOne who lives up to her name and offers her passengers V.I.P. luxury.  At 29.5 metres she is spacious which is very important when you are signing up for a safari.  You are 24/7 onboard and sometimes you want just a few moments alone to soak up the tranquility and beauty of being at sea.  Rest assured there are plenty of places to relax; whether you want the air conditioned comfort inside or fresh air from the sundeck.

VIPOne has 8 double cabins so for such a large boat there will only ever be 16 guests, plus the crew and Dive Guide.  The cabins are have either twin beds or doubles and they are all en-suite.  With the gentle rocking of the boat and the comfort or our cabins you will be assured a good night’s sleep.

A side from the actual vessel, V.I.P One is also renowned for her high level of hospitality service.  Remember you can’t change the restaurant – so it is very important that the liveaboard you book has a good reputation.  V.I.P One serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers snacks in between.  The menu is varied and plentiful, offering a mix of European and traditional cuisines with fresh meat, chicken and fish.

Another essential point is the crew and dive guide.  It is important to know that you have an experienced Safari guide who not only knows the sea and dive sites but also has a good rapport with the crew.  V.I.P One has a permanent dive guide who has worked with the Captain and crew for many years.  They work hard yet effortlessly together, providing you with the best diving experience.

All of these points add up to ensure you have an unforgettable liveaboard experience; 5 Star accommodation, exceptional food and hospitality service and an experienced Dive Guide, Captain and crew.  The final point is that the vessel is well maintained.  With the best crew in the world a boat with bad maintenance can still mar a liveaboard holiday.  V.I.P One has an annual dry-dock, no expense is spared and no corners are cut with her annual maintenance, so when she appears at the beginning of the season she is always looking all shinny and new.   For more information visit or ask our reservations

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