The Best Time To Dive In Ras Mohammed

The Ras Mohammed National Park is one of the world’s best diving destinations in
the world. It is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt where the
point of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba meet. Known for its dramatic cliffs,
crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life, strong sea currents bring, among
others, huge amounts of plankton which in turn offer perfect conditions for the
gathering of large pelagics. It was established in 1983 and covers an area of
approximately 580 km2.

Since Jacques Cousteau investigated and presented the Red Sea area with its
crystal clear water to the world, this area has attracted and surprised divers from
around the world with its many beautiful coral reefs with more than a thousand
species of life and still regularly newly discovered species.

The best time to dive in Ras Mohammed is between June & August when the water
is at its warmest, the visibility is at its best and the mating season is in full swing. The
busiest time of year for diving is in fact October and November so during the height
of the summer there are less divers.

Ras Mohammed has something to offer everyone. From world-class dive sites to
vibrant corals and thriving marine life, you’ll be mesmerized by the underwater world
of the Red Sea.

Some of the best dive sites in Ras Mohammed include Shark Reef and Yolanda
Reef, which are known for their beautiful coral formations and large schools of fish.
The Ras Mohammed National Park also offers a variety of diving spots, including
Jackfish Alley, Ras Ghozlani, and Shark Observatory. Overall, Ras Mohammed is a
must-visit destination for underwater enthusiasts. With its stunning natural beauty
and diverse marine life, it offers a truly unforgettable diving experience.

Every summer massive schools of barracuda, jackfish, batfish, and snapper amongst
others, can be found in the Ras Mohammed area. Swirling masses with hundreds of
thousands of fish are totally mind-blowing, once you’ve dived up close and personal
with these enormous schools you’ll never forget the experience.

Another popular fish in Ras Mohammed is the whale shark. These gentle giants are
often seen passing through the area, giving divers the chance to see them up close
and to take that perfect photograph.

Ras Mohamed National Park is the mecca of diving areas, offering stunning
topography, fast currents and extensive marine life. This is a ‘must see’; dive trip for
experienced divers.

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